Monday, 18 April 2005

Nations perish while good men stay quiet.

I MUST write something about the whole women in leadership issue.

Leighton's post was, I think, the flattening of a psychological hedge for some people in this whole area. I do see this as being an issue over which nations will perish, and I have been guilty of keeping quiet when I should have spoken up. Sometimes it's very hard to overcome one's reluctance, knowing that people you care about may take umbrage, and not wishing to go through the whole arguement thing again.

Part of the problem is it's been focussed down to 'rights'. Part of the problem is the manner in which the government of God's people is seen as a potential career. And part of it is that we want rules and not principles.

When I can find the time and energy I'll try to post something a little deepr - if I can be bothered.

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