Friday, 8 April 2005

The grace of God (again)

A few days ago I was asked if someone could stay out at a friend's party overnight. I felt quite uncomfy, and decided 'no'.

Tonight I collected both kids from said party. Both were reasonably sober - and were definitely the exceptions. I am so grateful they were not staying.

Over-protective? Probably.

I (to my shame) did the drunken party thing post conversion at 17 and 18, and I'm sure God kept me out of trouble. Actually it's almost funny - I can remember witnessing to a guy that had just had a bad trip, and wishing I was fully sober so I'd think more clearly. However My daughter is only 15, and that really isn't an appropriate environment for someone that age, even if they're precocious and strong.

Like I said, the grace of God.

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