Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Just driven through horrible countryside

I'm working for a couple of days out towards East Anglia, pretty much directly east of where we live. I won't name the towns, but driving through the grey drizzle and pre-dawn light this looks such an ugly, almost blasted countryside. Possibly sunshine and clear skies would help, but I doubt it.

An early departure meant a clear run and early arrival, and now I'm looking at mouldy grey and orange brick buildings with ventilation stacks on top surrounded by a high fence topped in barbed wire. I came for a job interview at this place in 1997 and was pleased not to work here then. Hopefully I'll complete their training adequately today and not have to return in the morning.

Presently my throat is not happy, and the less I need to talk the better. At least it's just a demo, rather than teaching.

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