Friday, 8 March 2019

Hipsters all look the same - fact. ;-)

An amusing Friday morning article from El Reg here.

Essentially a 'hipster' saw an article from MIT Technology review suggesting that for a variety of reasons anti-conformists all end up conforming in appearance that was accompanied by a picture of a typical hipster that appeared to be himself. He complained angrily, only to discover that the photo was actually of a model, thus proving the point of the article and demonstrating that sometimes hipsters conformed so closely they couldn't even tell each other apart.

The comments after the article were also comedy gold:

Yup. I remember at a large bike rally a small child was found wandering around early in the morning and was taken to rally control.
"Ok, lad? You've lost your parents?"
"What's your Dad's name?"
"Ok, and what does John look like?"
"He's got a bald head and a long beard and tattoos down his arms!"
"Let me take a guess. Is he wearing jeans and a black shirt and a leather jacket?"
"Yes, do you know him?"

Was conformity ever so similar?

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