Wednesday, 16 May 2018

GDPR or why Britain isn't suited to being in the EU.

The European Union is enacting a piece of legislation to do with data protection and ensuring that businesses really have been authorised by the public to hold information and send them spam information. Most of us in blighty have been pestered in recent weeks by businesses wanting us to confirm our desire to remain in contact so that they are legally compliant.

Pestered by BRITISH businesses, that is.

Many in my industry have connections with European businesses, and as a colleague pointed out this morning, none of the Euro businesses have been in contact.

This is EU legislation - not British, remember.

While it's no surprise at all that the rest of Europe doesn't give a stuff about the rules Brussels invents (except when it's about privacy issues and data going to the US, or British products being sold in Europe) the difference in compliance is astonishing. As a European I like the effectively borderless Europe, ease of travel, customs-free purchase of goods in the EU etc, not to mention the trade benefits. But the rest of Europe takes the pee when it comes to regulations they don't like, while this country just nods acceptingly and applies the regulations to our own hurt.


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