Tuesday, 10 February 2015

It is a little disconcerting

Actually more than a little. I read the phone number from the advert, dialled up (we still call it dialling, even though phones don't have dials any more) and a pleasant sounding female voice said

"Hello, Vag Shack, how can I help".

It was hard to think what to say next for a moment.

Eventually I made my enquiry and she promised to email me later, though it's been a couple of hours now, and I'm wondering if the answer wasn't in my favour.

An explanation might be good now too, before I really start saying something that could get me in trouble. Chris's beetle needs new tyres and the old steel rims are badly bashed in so that they leak air around the tyre bead. I'm looking for a used set of alloys with decent tyres on and this company sells parts for Volkswagen Audi Group cars. The company name is, I'm sure, a deliberate bit of word play, and many young guys have been very amused to buy car bits from them.

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