Monday, 9 February 2015

Anyone ever find themselves looking at stuff on ebay?

I just did, ended up why I'm looking at junk I don't even want, really.

I guess it's like being mouth-hungry after you've had a good meal. I have more guitars than I could ever need, ditto amps, effects pedals and music-related stuff. A greater variety of lenses for the camera would be nice, but will have to remain on hold for now.

Why do we find shopping interesting, bargains compelling? People are weird.


  1. Candace7:46 pm

    Who are you calling weird?? ;-)

  2. Us. People. We're all a bit weird. ;-)

  3. Last time I checked eBay I was, within seconds, trying to convince myself I needed to build more effects pedals, as I surfed through obsolete transistors, etc.

    Yeah, weird.


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