Friday, 27 February 2015

Funny how small things please.

For example, this week I replaced the Lexmark C540n laser printer that sat on my desk with another Samsung laser (CLP360, if you care) because the cost of keeping the Lexmark going was stupid and occasionally it would fail to pick up paper properly, requiring furcling around and restarts.

But it's not just having a new printer that makes the difference - this thing takes up half the volume of the Lexmark. Suddenly there's more space, a feeling of not being hemmed in and a pleasant airiness to my right. The Lexie was a bit of a beast when I got it, and after opening the box I had one of those "lummie - what am I going to do with that?" moments. Print quality was a step up from the last Sammie printer (and is better than this one) which made me forgive the bulk somewhat, but its appetite for toner was voracious compared to how much printing I actually did, and after 3 years it must have cost more than double the original purchase price in toner. Over all I reckon this cost me fully twice as much to run as the last colour Samsung.

So good riddance - I won't be missing Lexie one bit.

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