Saturday, 3 May 2014

Self-dentistry is fun.

I may have lied a little in that title.

Thursday night I broke a small chip out of a tooth, lower back left, in my mouth. I know when it happened because I found what I thought to be a piece of cherry stone in the food I was eating, and only later realised there was some tooth gone. Thursday it was there, but not a problem, a change in my mouth.

Friday work, fine. I don't normally talk much, and although I could feel a sharp edge against my tongue, it wasn't a big deal.

Friday night I was out with friends from work, having to talk. Suddenly my tongue was constantly catching, to the point where a few times it actually snagged, and I found I couldn't speak well. And it was sore.

I went to bed, woke up, tongue still sore. Saturday. Nuts.

So this afternoon I got a small file, washed it, then went to work. Tooth enamel laughs at fine, older files (somewhere I have some diamond files, but couldn't find them) but eventually reduced the sharp edge enough that it no longer caught. Result!

Next week I'm going to have to bite the bullet (yeah, I know) and see a dentist. Linea - you are the ONLY dentist I'm ever happy to see!

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