Sunday, 25 May 2014

I'm not sure whether to be pleased or not

But I am grateful.

The little Philips laptop has a VGA-out socket, and that together with an old Acer 19" monitor means that I can work on a desktop system again. A little tweaking, a bit of fiddling and *bazinga* I can work in clamshell mode with less hassle setting it up that with the macbook when I first had it

Debating now whether to set up the NAS tonight or wait until next week, so I will have a data store for backups. I have both drives from my desktop machine still intact, and apparently readable, so I really should make copies ASAP. Not sure yet whether I will actually ever get another desktop, since I have 3 laptops available now, and don't *want* to spend more money.


Oh yes, that I have a wealth of gear here I can use when I need stuff.

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