Thursday, 1 May 2014

Going on safari question

That is to say, Apple's safari browser, rather than a trip to Ngorongoro. Is there a way of making previously opened tabs persist when opening a link with the browser closed?

In line with my comments a couple of weeks back, I've stopped using Firefox here because of the Eising resignation issue, and decided to give safari a go as the native Mac browser. I like to have a lot of tabs to different sites up, though with only a few actually open at any one time, and in Firefox, opening a link with the browser closed simply opens a new tab for the link while remembering all the others that had been open. In the same situation safari simply opens the new tab while forgetting all those that were up previously. I can go back through history, but it's messy, and likewise if you have hundreds of bookmarks it isn't that great.

So is there a way to make tabs persist, or should I ditch safari too?

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