Monday, 17 March 2014

Today was my first occaision of cycling to work in 2014

Makes me remember why I stopped in 2013. Meh.

The previous description of being vigorously shaken in a cold, giant hand still works, with the addendum of having all the breath knocked out of your body. Cue much prolonged, uncontrollable and spontaneous coughing in the office - and PLEASE don't make me laugh. :p (wheeze, cough as I wrote that!)

My legs have gone all skinny these days, though the compensation is that it's much easier to get jeans that fit OK. I restarted circuit training a while back, and some of the muscle that was lost over 2013 is returning: last year I was able to wear some suits bought in '97 thanks to a skinnier frame that owed nothing to dieting. I also notice that I don't throw away clothes that are still 'good'. ;-)

In a way I'd love to take 6 weeks out, train up and recover fitness. It would make me dumb for a while - harsh exercise has always done that, and if I'd realised when I was a kid then my 'o' levels might have looked quite different. I also wonder if those of the 'strong in the arm, thick in the head' persuasion might actually have the potential to be bright and sharp if they stayed in & read instead of running around: not because of the reading but because of the running? The irony is that there's something about really pushing oneself to the absolute limit that is quite attractive, and there's almost a competition between bright laziness and happy, sweaty stupidity.

Bodies are curious things.

So anyway, the box of computer bits appears to have arrived ready for the updates to the business computers, and now that I've stopped sweating I need to get dressed and into the lab, having been doing 'admin etc' stuff thus far.

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