Tuesday, 11 March 2014

So you think you can heal?

Interesting article on the BBC website about evangelicals and healing clearly intended to be an uncovering the wild and the wacky, rather than supportive.

One of the features of Jesus ministry was that he'd send those he healed to the local priest. While this would be have been in order that they might offer the appropriate sacrifices for being cleansed (in the case of leprosy) it would also provide confirmation that the healing was real from an un-biased source that was probably the closest thing to a doctor in those days.

Does God still heal?

I think so, but before I am happy to just 'take it by faith' I want to know that it has been confirmed by someone with appropriate medical training and without bias. In other words, please ensure it is real, rather than a fiction made up to encourage the gullible. There's been enough of that stuff in church history, and I'm not interested in religious myths or stories to 'illustrate a point'.

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