Wednesday, 29 January 2014

If at first you don't succeed

Try a third time.

In the quest for more ram for the computer I raided an older machine upstairs. Sadly it turns out to be incompatible with the stuff already in there - 8500 =1066GHz apparently.

Anyway, I installed W8 on my Western Digital drive using the DVD created Monday, only to find it rejected the license because I'd done a clean install instead of replacing a version of windows. Ho hum.

On with W7 (not activated) then on with 8 and all went fine this time round. 1Gb of updates to download, which seems par for the course these days. Annoyingly it hung at 86% downloaded because it wanted me to manually download & install a printer driver. Also annoying is the lack of legacy soundcard drivers for Creative products. My 'Live' card  very clearly isn't and consensus is that creative don't support legacy products. Meh.

Also turns out that Firefox is really crashy under W8 too as well as openSUSE (but not Sabayon or Pear it seems). Just waiting for it to finish installing those updates & will start the next lot of downloads (Libreoffice for one) before heading to bed.

Writing from my Philips H12Y lappie under LinuxLiteOS. :)

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