Friday, 6 September 2013

Loaves and fishes?

Last night at church I had a time of worship all planned, songs queued up etc on the laptop, only for it to refuse to start.

August has been a pretty horrible month for me, spiritually really, lots of steps backwards, few forwards, just hanging on wondering how to keep going and do the stuff I needed to do. So with little expectation I sat down at dinner, asked God to give me something for the evening and just thought I heard Psalm 24 and 32. Read through, OK, some good stuff there, but where does it go from this?

So the meeting last night started with a prayer, then I read Ps 32 and said a few words before throwing things open to the rest of the few gathered. And God just multiplied it. We got almost an hour's discussion & bible study from a few verses, and the good bit was that I needed to really say very little.

Sure, facilitating this kind of thing is part of my gifting, but y'know, I've lead plenty of things that didn't seem anointed and fell flat in 2 min. I'll take this as the grace of God, where He built on the little I could bring, rather than a tour de force by a slightly numpty Toni with a busted computer.

p.s. I mis-spelled the title of this to begin with: Loves and fishes.

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