Monday, 23 September 2013

I've been quite content not to buy stuff recently.

So why do I want to go on a spree right now? Very curious.

In case you wonder: I'd quite like to try a tablet computer, mostly so I can have something to read in bed without the light on (the Kobo is e-ink, and a phone is too small) and in the hope Chris will pick it up out of curiosity and learn to use Android a little so we can one day think about a phone with a little more functionality built in. There have been some silly-cheap offers and I've even had a couple in the 'shopping basket' before shutting the site down.

And there are some tiny effects pedals that sound a little different from what I have and would make organising the pedal board a lot easier.

I don't need any of this stuff. I DO NEED to buy some plane tickets soon, but I don't need more toys.

OTOH it's been nice to not go shopping this weekend, and instead to eat meat from the freezer etc.

Anyway, back to cleaning up some manky, dirty used equipment in the lab.

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