Friday, 23 August 2013

Do we do more than survive?

There's been a lot of thoughts running round my head about so many things recently, but this last month has been one to try to survive. While starting to post I was reminded of the quote from Jesus about having life abundantly: it's certainly been true some of the time, but the last few weeks have just been hollow with me hanging on, doing what must be done, scraping by.

That's it really. Things will change, get better again, life will become fuller.

It's also important to remember that feelings are just that, and don't necessarily represent reality, even if you feel them. Sometimes we also ignore that there is a war on and Satan is very happy to pull us down, make us ineffective, bruised, guilty, resentful, dis-trusting, depressed and angry. Do we give in, do we just survive by the skin of our teeth as it feels, do we do any better than that?

This post isn't about anything in particular, other than an apology and excuse for  lack of content.

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