Friday, 15 March 2013

I've not been this tired in years.

It's been a hard, busy week.

I've been running a production process since Tuesday close to capacity while trying to cope with the cold I developed last week, pretty much living on cold relief capsules. At the same time there's lots of church stuff on, so have been out every night except Wednesday, where I got home at 8.50pm after the longest day of the process, ate dinner and then prepared for the Thursday night meeting.

And so today.

This was the final stage of the process, after product has been dried overnight in a racking system at around 30'C and 7% humidity, with the room in which this is performed eventually becoming a similar environment. Interesting, if your eyes are already scratchy and burning, throat tickling and sore from coughing. Not so good if you've forgotten to bring the cold medication to work with you, and the effects of the last dose have started wearing off.

Sympathy? Nah mate, in a way this was self-inflicted.

Normally this stage of the process is a 2 man job, one pouching product, the other sealing and boxing it. Usually takes a couple of brisk hours instead of all day, like today. By the end I could barely walk, and I still had to empty the suite I'd used, wash up containers etc. It's been years since I've been this tired, barely able to even talk.

Bliss was coming home to an encouraging, loving wife who let me collapse, eyes shut, on the settee while she got on with dinner, having just arrived back herself. I'm dosed up again and the body isn't shouting at me anymore, hence able to type now.

Tomorrow we stack logs away from the delivery that came on Tuesday. Wonder if Sunday could be a day of rest?

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