Monday, 3 December 2012

iTunes update this morning.

That's a 198Mb download.

For a media player and file transfer system.


Microsoft have just been out Microsofted on the bloatware front.


  1. 198Mb seems unusually high. It's usually about half that for me, as far as I recall. Does that include Safari as well?

    It has always bothered me that iTunes cannot update like other software (smaller updates of individual files), but now that I have a Mac I understand why--Mac software doesn't have individual files within it, at least not in the same way as Windows software. I could be wrong, but that's how it seems to me (how else could I uninstall a program by simply moving one file to the trash?)

    But that doesn't explain why the Windows version needs to be updated in the same way...

  2. I very much suspect that Apple software does come with a lot of library files, and that when you drag your 'application' into the apps folder you're really moving a whole folder across. Not only that but some software, including iTunes needs to install, maybe taking several minutes to do so just like windows apps. OSX is another Unix variant - there's a lot of 'reality distortion' around what and how it does things, partly due to the way the software interface is designed so stuff is hidden, partly due to clever marketing.

    I'm pretty sure that did not include Safari, since it shows up in its own right. Apple downloads have always seemed large to me compared to windows and some (not all) varieties of Linux. When I did my re-installs of 10.5 there was a 1Gb download required to bring things up to date as well as a couple of 200Mb+ downloads. I'd guess that Apple simply send out ALL the library files, every time, never taking for granted that they might be present or intact - probably the safest, if least economical way (a common thread that runs through the Apple approach to software).

    So having joined the church of Jobs, how do you like it? Was it love at first press and a coming home experience or does it feel like a weird and clunky alien environment?

  3. I wound up removing this behemoth from my laptop. It had multiple processes that were always running, and it was taking up way too much space. Finally, I could not get MovieMaker to render. At all, even a ten-second video. After changing various settings and add-ons, I read a post saying to remove iTunes. I did, and presto! Works like a champ.

    Bleedin' bloatware.


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