Saturday, 29 September 2012

Debating a move.

With the comments debacle remaining un-sorted at this point in time, I'm debating migrating across, at least temporarily, to one of the other blogs that I started/named over the last couple of years.

Before you (those who read regularly) wonder about this secret blogging life, I can tell you that I started 2 blogs over the last 7 years. One was from an idea about a seed dying after we lost Sarah, and might have contained thoughts about fruitfulness from loss. The other was last year when, after years of "should I/shouldn't I" over getting a band together, when my music and worship life had stagnated and died, God seemed to say "OK then, if you want to", just weeks before then seeming to take me into the next stage of what He *really* had for me. Neither blog has content, although Throwing Back Starfish has one post speculating what I might do.

And both have working comments.

So I might migrate across there while I try to fix TBOTAM, probably migrating to a new template and then repairing all the damage that will cause to appearance.

Some might say "about time you updated your crappy, old fashioned blog face.

My feeling is that content IS king.

Some seem to update a couple of times a year to remain fresh and create a semi-commercial draw. Some have periods of shift out of dissatisfaction. Some just update because they have the skills and like to do that kind of thing. For me, blogging has never been about the blog face, other than it MUST be simple, easy to read and provide good access to posts over a longish period. When I read a blog, if it is written like a professional magazine article then it's unlikely I'll manage more than a few lines before switching off: a blog is, for me, a personal space rather than a pulpit or storefront.

But this blog is more than 9 years old, and I'd like it to make a full 10 years continuous posting.

Those who have my email address of facebook contact, let me know what you think.

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