Monday, 27 February 2012

One of the saddest things.

I wonder if one of the saddest things is finding that the people you thought you were aligned with, that felt you understood, that seemed to be your friends just because they were - had a rather different set of objectives and responses.

Chris and I cuddled this morning and were grateful to each other that we do both want essentially the same things - we line up with each other. Sure that's 30+ years of being together producing fruit, but so many others don't seem to do that, and I feel really sad for them. It's the same with church family - sometimes it can feel like you're a fish that thought you were swimming in the shoal, only to find some of those closest to you were swimming away.

At times like this it's so important to build friendships, rather than take offence or run away because you can't agree. I hope I'm learning.

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