Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One of the more interesting aspects of running Sabayon.

Is that it's a little like having someone else tweak you computer when you're not away.

Someone with cool ideas, and a sense of style.

Who also finds and installs new, better drivers for graphics.

A person who occasionally gets it wrong too, but fixes it next time round.

Last night there was a major update waiting to install - about 1.3Gb worth to be exact. So I let it run and went to bed - came down this morning and shut the system down immediately before making breakfast and leaving for Fleet at 6.28am.

Tonight I can see there's been a major face-lift, and I'd guess an update to the latest revision of KDE desktop. As well as new splash screens on start up some folders that were on the old desktop have been moved to home directory, there are 'border' scroll bars on the desktop, an extra 'vividness' to the colours and some new icons too. I wonder what else has been updated?

I'm running firefox with about 25 or 30 tabs open, and it's smooth and crisp. Boot times aren't the fastest, but it certainly hasn't slowed down over the months like openSUSE did, and it copes comfortably with manipulating image files in Digikam while I have several other apps running.

If I could run Microsoft office in Sabayon then I'd SERIOUSLY consider replacing OSX on the Macbook with it - just so much cleaner, quicker (on a lower spec machine) and better laid out.


It seems I've been updated to Sabayon 6 (from 5.5).

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