Saturday, 18 June 2011

Chris has gone to the Splendour* women's conference in Cheltenham.

We were talking about it in the car last night, and she was really hoping for some decent teaching (she's getting desperate for something with a bit of depth to it). The one thing she was really dreading was it being like all the other women's conferences she's been to, where they try to find some hurt in the past that they can poke and then weep over (her words in the conversation). And it's all about affirmation, because as a woman you're insecure, unvalued and need to be told that you're good enough.

(cough) BS (cough)

Maybe this one will be different? I hope so for her sake.

Now here's a thought - actually teach them the truth, never mind stirring all the emotions so it seems 'real' (the conference equivalent of a Cello solo - all dark, miserable emotions and sobbing). Give them something aspirational, something which will make them stronger in Jesus and able to step up in faith. All the time you just tweak emotions you're making them dependent one the conference presenters and vulnerable, and to me, that's a form of control.

I hope this time is better.

* It should be sponsored by the makers of a certain low calorie sweetener - 'cos slim women are more attractive, right? But I suspect this is just coincidence.

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