Friday, 17 June 2011

Mr. Grumpy says.....

All kinds of things.

Having a difficult day, because I'm feeling down and that makes me self-centred which makes me feel down etc in a big, self-feeding loop. And the emotions are flapping in the breeze. Hard enough to leave me literally gasping at times, and sweating. And I want to hide from the things to do or wish they would just resolve themselves as I told them to. And I'm using this place as somewhere to let off steam so that I might move forward.

I wasn't kind to Chris this morning - because of the self absorption - and that hasn't helped the day. I'm sick of nepotism and being ignored/shelved and that hasn't helped the day, and I don't like my reaction to it, and THAT hasn't helped the day either. And people posting stuff about Father's day on facebook adds to the poo that seems to be around neck-level in emotional terms.

So back to depression city for a bit I guess.

And I'd like to poke in the eye the manipulator of the next image I see who used tilt-shift to make a city scene look like a model. iPhone 4 users, you are ALL guilty of lacking good taste (and not just in phone selection) - take 1 step forward and face me!

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