Thursday, 26 February 2009

Yesterday while in London

I was accosted by a young foreign woman who tried to get me to fill out a direct debit mandate for a charity. She was 'in my face' in several ways, since the street was REALLY busy (Oxford Sreet) and she produced all sorts of factoids about how the charity was the only one at work in a bunch of countries including Rwanda, Somaliland and others I forget now. Disagreement and questions was not met with a good attitude.

In the end I refused to donate or fill in the DD form, promising to check the charity online ( It may be a worthy cause, but in retrospect I am very unhappy with them using eastern European students (cheap?) and deliberate misinformation (you could hear her going through the script and the information was not her own, I am sure: getting a deviation was very difficult).

Does anyone know anything about this group? The website looks legit enough, but anyone can put information on a website.

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