Sunday, 15 February 2009

There is a season for everything.

This is apparently the season for leaving the one you love.

I've never known a time when so many people seem to be leaving their partners/families. I've just heard of some people who were good, if not REALLY close, friends that have parted at the end of last week. They had gone to a foreign country at enormous personal cost, sacrificed financially and in energy and effort. I cannot imagine what this will do to their children, who also bought into their vision, or the church they helped found.

This is a time of divisions appearing. Of people being deluded into causing pain and hurt to those that love them. Who is gaining from this? Who indeed.

We need to be clear about what we do, and why. It's altogether too easy (and as a man I know this) to follow the desires of ones reproductive system, of the eyes, of the idea of gaining 'freedom' from families that would cramp our style and tie us down.

People have this idea of the devil as providing beer and hookers, rollicking good times and dirty fun. This is the dirty fun that he really enjoys: pain, hurt, distress, emptiness and ruin. The lawyers may gain somewhat out of this but the one person who enjoys it most is satan. Want to give him a good time? Hurt the ones you love and that love you - and yourself.

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