Monday 7 March 2005

A couple of grumpinesses and a good thing.

I'm a pretty tolerant chap, but some things annoy me. Listening to BBC radio-Oxford tonight in the car. They had an IT teacher on talking about computers and society.

I'd swear the guy was borderline 'learning disabilities'.

OK, I know a *little* about computers, but he was stupid, nothing less. And he's struggling to impart some kind of knowledge to children. Adding insult to injury, the presenters were discussing the internet but didn't know what a uniform resource locator (or link) was. The male presenter had one of those effete attempts at a cool regional accent, sounding like a northern Martyn W Smith, all the while mispronouncing words and clearly not having a clue what he was talking about.


The good thing?

Lee, the guy behind the Christian musicians forum has launched Christian musicians radio.

The 64K MP3pro link is here and the 34/48K link is here. They should be showcasing new and independant artists - I might even get something up there. Who knows?

But it's not a bad listen. I've had it on all day while I've been home, and while I've not liked some stuff, it's definitely made me want to rock out some times, contemplative (big word right now) at others, and eased me round to focus on God. Sure there's downsides - way too much Rebecca StJames and imitators for my taste, but overall it's pretty good.

It's only in beta right now, so don't all leap on Lee's bandwidth, but I reckon it's got a future.

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