Tuesday, 9 September 2003

Well that was the day, that was.

We had a visit from The man that owns the company I work for today. He's an incredibly interesting person; I've never known anyone radiate 'fatherhood' the way Gopal does.

The company is based in Houston, with branches in Germany, India, France and the UK. Despite being so diverse, it runs very much like a family business, with all the advantages and disadvantages of that model. Whenever I meet him there is an atmosphere of organised chaos, and it seems to follow him where ever he goes. In some ways it was really great to get together, because he's got loads of interesting ideas for areas of research and new work that we can do, yet at the same time it effectively wrote the entire day off for other work.

It now seems that I'm going to Houston in November, and will be spending the better part of the next 2 working weeks in Scotland (although that was thanks to the guys in sales). And we need to upgrade our ISO accreditation, get registered for radioactive work, kit out a new lab and a pile of other things too.

Anyone ever feel inadequate?

I KNOW God put me in this job (I'd never aspire to this much responibility) but I feel so inadequate most of the time. Yet somehow He always seems to make my mistakes get worked out OK in the end. I don't know how He does it, and I know I'm not always faithful to keep up my side of things, yet He still does.

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