Tuesday, 2 September 2003

If we didn't have rough bits.....

we wouldn't appreciate smooth bits.

I'd planned to post here last night, but that 'wonderful' oven that I mentioned needed re-fitting for various reasons (long story). Got halfway through fitting it, cooked dinner (Chris was out doing aerobics) then finished the job. Finally printed the manual (downloaded from the net) at about 11.30ish. Meanwhile, about 10.45 Chris had started looking through the paperwork for the tax return I've got to complete. Now I've not been particularly good about getting with things (I'm like that these days) and we've got 3 weeks to go until it has to be in. Come about 11.40 some fairly 'firm' words were spoken, and then finally a rather chilly bedtime arrived. Not ideal.

On the good side, we did make up this morning (I hate going to bed angry, but you can't say sorry while you're gritting your teeth).

I'm also struggling with the 'war on want'. That is, I want things and have to restrain myself from being a good little consumer and buying them. I have many hobbies, and they are all cash-intensive, meaning that I could spend a couple of incomes quite happily on self gratification. The thing is that by the Grace of God I know this isn't right, and a tussle ensues. There seems to be a point where the desire to buy reaches a crescendo and then falls away. If I can wait out the storm then things are fine, and I can 'take a view' and be rational. I don't wish to be greedy in all this, but the voice of ME shouts quite loudly at times.

I *think* I've just ridden out the storm and the water ahead should be reasonably clear for a few days. Lets just hope there aren't any hidden rocks.

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