Monday, 26 September 2022

It's almost the end of September

 And we still haven't identified an alternative church to move to.

But, in the words of the song "I don't wanna go back to Egypt".

It's taking time, and we needed a break. Visiting a few different places isn't doing us any harm, and we are getting to see what others do (and don't do) when they meet. This last Sunday we went somewhere that's really active, doing LOADS of things, really friendly, probably good theologically, tick a lot of the boxes. 

What's that 'wacka-wacka' sound? Oh, it's a holy helicopter - be careful not to get caught up in the rotas. :-)

As an observation, apart from the local Anglican church which is very firmly embedded in the book of common prayer, none of the places we've seen have been noticeably less charismatic in their meetings than where we've come from. I find that interesting, but not surprising.

So the search continues for now.


  1. “Wacka-wacka sound”.
    Well this made me laugh.

    Like I tell people, look for a place where your spirit can be at rest.
    Well done on not giving up.

    1. Choices are narrowing down ATM. Fave is a local-ish Baptist church, where we got a really good greeting and people actually seemed interested in who we were. Elsewhere we've been largely ignored, which is bizarre when someone walks into a church and stands there offering themselves for conversation, even to the point of enduring coffee afterwards.

      We're going to try a local community church again shortly now summer is over - they felt immediately natural in the meeting, but I have concerns about theology and leadership there, so we'll have to see.


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