Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Not dead yet

That could be referring to the blog and me.

But it's been a while.

But before anything else, we're in what I hope is the middle of our covid infection. 

For me it started last week, when I did a short 3K run and coughed as usual, but didn't stop the next day. A test came up negative even though symptoms were strong and clear, and at least one of our other guys who was a couple of days ahead with similar symptoms was also testing negative, so I assumed it was the first cold in a while. A re-test Sunday morning gave a really intense positive result, and here I am. Chris is also suffering with the same infection, though has been testing negative desoite feeling really poorly. LFD tech still has a way to go for sensitivity.

In other news, we completed on the house, spending a long weekend there (but staying in a B&B nearby). It's in worse condition than we remembered, and there was no water or electricity - just 3 degrees Celsium inside. The previous owner hadn't finished clearing the place for various reasons, and there's simply lots to do: electrics, heating, kitchen fitting, some replumbing, redecoration. It's not a rebuilding job, but not trivial either. The house also has three cellars, but we could only access one. I have at least managed to get a date for the power to be restored.

 The area IS lovely, and we're looking forward to seeing more. 

As for today, the weather is beautiful outside right now, temp around 18C with warm sunshine and clearish skies. Makes me feel sympathy for our friends trapped in a world of ice and now still. 

What else?

Life goes on. It feels like we're in the waiting room preparing to die. That's not being said morbidly, but having seen my mother aging and changing over the last 15 years, it's hard not to have that sense of just trying to stay entertained while every gradually falls apart. There's lots of good things to enjoy despite what is going on in Ukraine, but it feels trivial in a way.


  1. Hey! I am sorry about the Covid. Lauralea has been coughing up a lung for a while yet all the testing shows as negative. So we are in limbo.

    your comment about feeling like we are sitting in the waiting room sure resonates with me Toni. And for all the reasons you say.

    I gotta head to a meeting, but I'll be back.

  2. One of the weird things about Google comments is that they give a time, but no date - thus I don't *think* I missed your comment by much, but am not really sure. :p

    Sorry to hear about Lauralea. I suspect getting Covid would be really bad for you, although considerng Lauralea's diabetes, Covid isn't going to be a great plan for her either. I'm not happy about the effectiveness of testing at the moment, because the person who almost certainly gave me Covid was negative by LFD and PCR, yet everyone they spent time in a particular week when they were sick, went down with Covid in the next few days.

    Hope you guys come through OK. I'm better than I was, 3 1/2 weeks after first symptoms, but still have quite a way to go.


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