Monday, 7 September 2020

Arriving today: MAXTOP Bumbag Waist Fanny... and 1 more item

Sometimes you have to love the truncation of email titles. I could just imagine a bunch of small children saying those words over and over to feel like they're being REALLY rude. It's the kind of thing we'd have done at school.

This is probably much less funny if you're from North America, and fanny doesn't mean pudenda.


  1. Fanny means pudenda in the UK? It means buttocks here, though it's also a name that was given to women decades ago. "Fag" also means something profoundly different in North America than in the UK.

    1. You say tomato, I say tomato - let's call the whole thing off. ;-)

      I just found the title of the email amusing because I have a smutty mind and a play on words like this is funny to me. Beaver fever might well mean something quite different over here compared to Canada (eh?).


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