Friday, 4 September 2020

Today my calendar tells me that at 1pm I have a 'Talent Review'.

Which for all the world sounds like judging a bunch of guys playing the spoons or a ukelele orchestra as they perform.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Lets just say that one of the reasons people around my age take early retirement is that we can't face trying to learn a new set of systems & phrases devised by someone a little disconnected from reality to do something we've always done. I'm speaking obliquely because personal blogs are no longer considered purely personal by the organisation for whom I now work, and any anything written may be analysed for a negative impact on the business. 

A bit like my good friend Randall - a man who has done plenty of coding and page creation for blogs - finding that the 'new' blogger back end no longer works well for him. There comes a point where the system refreshes are simply detractive and ultimately destructive. Everyone smiles, tells you how wonderful it is and how it will make your life better, but inside you can feel yourself wanting to curl into a ball. I quite get that my mum doesn't want to use computers and feels technophobic, but I'd hoped that new technology wouldn't lock me out because of my background. In the end I don't think the tech will, but the changes in society and the impact they have on interfaces are very likely to do that.



Survived. But it's extraordinarily difficult not to be cynical.


  1. Oooooh baby that's a different sort of control they require.
    I'm glad you passed by the way. well done. :)

    I'm usually quite aware that what I write may effect my life in some way, even with health insurance etc. But lately these videos we've been recording on YouTube. I feel the vulnerability in them in that I may say something off the side of my tongue that this community gets, but the worldwide one may not quite see it that way. The less evidence out there that I am an idiot, the better. :)

    Yes, I begin to view the non tech people as somewhat blessed, or untouched by digital corruptions. :)

  2. "I may say something off the side of my tongue"

    My original phrase was along the lines of judging a bunch of beauty queens in swimming costumes, but that's DEFINITELY not 21st century acceptable (unless you work in the porn industry, in which case it's absoluetly fine because that's perfectly acceptable).


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