Thursday, 21 May 2020

Today is that day again.

16 years.

More than a lifetime.


  1. The sad emoji isn't right. May you and Chris find comfort and hope today.

  2. Thanks Marc. Time doesn't heal, but it allows one to remember less.

  3. Hi my friend. I haven't been in this blogging corner of the internetverse for a bit now, because of expectations here. But I have been thinking of you all. On the 21st one of my first thoughts was of you and Chris and Ben and I prayed.

    I think your comment to Marc was well said. It's truth.

    I'm glad you are still here. Still willing to be honest with the things of life and faith.
    Give our love to Chris, and it goes to you as well.
    From Lauralea and I.

  4. I still remember that day... I still remember you leading worship the next day at a baby dedication... it’s a sadness not to see the quite unique and wonderful Sarah grow into her maturity... much love to you all...

    1. Thanks Carol - you know about all this too, don't you. :-p

  5. I do, sadly... but not, perhaps at such a very close proximity. Still miss her though, and still working through all the complexity that grief and loss brings... love to you and Chris ...


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