Thursday, 27 February 2020

Do you care who knows where you go?

An interesting article on internet browsers 'phoning home' with information about what you view on the internet.

This isn't the stuff of tin-foil hats, but is worth considering if privacy is important to you.


  1. That's helpful. I try to use the more, "quiet" browsers, but I do log in to chrome for email etc. I've been using Brave of late and may have to go look at firefox again after leaving it a few years ago because it was getting long in the tooth.
    I probably use too many browsers at the same time anyway. Trying to manage different work and personal email addresses.

  2. Using different software in different situations can leave one feeling a little fragmented, like living several lives at once without them quite connecting. Of course that's the plan too. :-)

    FF is good, but does stupid things with memory and resources that require a restart if I want to ask my computer to do some heavy lifting. Wish they'd sort that out properly, but I can hardly complain for 'free' software. I usually have FF, Opera and Brave installed simultaneously, with FF being the main browser, Opera for resource-hungry stuff like movies on Amazon and Brave (and duckduckgo) to going off-grid from the big corps.

  3. "Using different software in different situations can leave one feeling a little fragmented"

    Yes I think you're on to something. I use opera, safari, chrome and now Brave, usually at the same time. Thats pretty much because during the day I manage three or four email addresses. For the church, my work, and my personal. I pretty much don't like that any longer, but the different browsers let me open different accounts, even in the same email systems.

    And as you say, different browsers respond differently. For example, I use Safari to write my blog posts, but then I need to come over to Chrome to leave comments, because for some reason, safari can't remember my google identity when commenting. That's just an example of it all.

    I'm trying to find other ways to do that, better ways. To hopefully help feel less fragmented.


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