Thursday, 30 January 2020

Thus begins the hunt for a new car

This morning I had a close encounter of the third (party) kind, and the countryman is unlikely to drive again. C'est la mort.

We will probably end up doing a car swap, with Chris getting something new, comfy and quieter, me getting the rattly, slightly harsh riding car that I don't think she ever really enjoyed driving very much. It's an ill wind, as they say.

I'm OK, a little achey but no harm done except to confidence and shortly the bank balance.


  1. Sorry not to reply sooner.

    The road I drive to work has a staggered crossroad near Kidlington, and I was in a stream of traffic travelling around 50mph/85kph. An undercover police car had its blue lights going, and was trying to pull out of the turning on the left (same side I was driving on). I allowed myself to be distracted by the flashing lights & wondering where he was going to go, and failed to see the vehicle in front had braked hard to allow him to pull out instead of continuing to flow with the traffic. Managed to lose some speed, but still hit his rear nearside corner at 30-35mph.

    The front drivers side of the car took a hard knock (I had to force the door open, bending metal) and the airbags went off, filling the cabin with smoke/powder and destroying the interior. The car is an insurance write-off, too expensive to repair for a 9YO 127,000 mile vehicle, and it was pretty badly bent.

    I'm OK, though was quite shaken for a few days, and no longer feel confident driving. Perhaps I'll become a little more patient with slower drivers now, so there might be a 'good side' to this?

  2. :( I'm glad you're alright. The confidence thing, I get that. I hope it comes back quickly for you. You've always seemed to be a car guy who knew how to drive well and with confidence and strength.

    Take care my friend.


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