Wednesday, 1 June 2016

According to Endomondo

I have run 252 miles in the first 5 months of 2016 - on target for 620 miles (i.e. 1000km) for the year then.

I'm undecided whether to continue at the level I've been running or back off a bit, since it's been a big sink for time, cash and energy, plus my poor old brain has been a bit scrambled and I'm aware of mood swings etc. In some ways I'd really like to carry on, but it concerns me that the body is often achey and sore and I struggle to speak clearly and enunciate thoughts, almost certainly because of the running.


  1. You'd think the running would increase clarity of mind and thought. But the constant acheyness probably isn't good.

    I'm curious to know how running is a cash sink? Footwear purchases?

  2. One of the constants I've noticed over the years is that exercise makes me stupid: holding a conversation is more difficult, my mind becomes foggy and I talk more nonsense. Really. This time round it's only really become a problem since pushing over the hour endurance limit, and I seemed to be coping OK just doing 5-8K runs up to 40min. It's probably a mix of sugar metabolism and control (or lack) hyper-ventillation and jiggling everything around.

    The biggest cost has been physiotherapy, for which I could have got a couple of pairs of really nice running shoes. I DID buy some good shoes just after Christmas, and they cost somewhere north of £80, which isn't a bargain, but is liveable.

  3. Hmmm... I didn't get notification of your reply. Must have forgotten to select "notify me."

    At any rate, that all makes sense!


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