Monday, 8 May 2017

A little Monday moment

Ever wish words weren't so loaded?

When I grew up, being gay just meant being happy - no other connotations attached.

More recently, the word 'inclusive' used to mean exactly what it said, without all the gender-ambiguous, sexuality confused, racist connotations that have now replaced the original meaning.

So we come to gender neutral.

This morning I read on the BBC website that Emma Watson had won the first gender neutral award in showbusiness for her part in Beauty and the Beast. What they meant was that she had won the MTV Movie and TV award for her performance. It's just an award - it's not gender-neutral, but simply an award - that will be given to people in the entertainment industry.

It seems that in order to become not against something, one must first divide the world up into little bits, all opposed to each other, and then declare that you are overlooking all those divisions you just defined in a very public way.

People are strange.

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