Thursday, 2 February 2017

It's been a week

And I've had a nasty head cold that's left me tired and stupid.

A friend posted some of the wisest words I've read in a while about a certain trainwreck that that the world seems to be watching, almost open-mouthed in amazement as it unfolds.

On the wireless a day or so ago the presenter was playing a recording made at a church prayer meeting in the US, where they were thanking God for their new president, and how he was such a changed character, now rolling back the wickedness and evil of the last 8 years. It made me wonder if they were seeing the same man as the rest of us. I can see why they might view the past in that way, and it's likely, now that the conservative right is in complete control, that some of the more liberal and less morally oriented policies from the previous government will be unpicked.

High price to pay for unpicking though.

Makes me wonder if there's a process every culture has to go through as it matures: internal wars, a religio-political structure that is deceitful and cruel, enslavement of weaker nations and empire building, accompanied by a roller-coaster ride that swings between licentious debasement and up-tight morality.

I guess that at some stage I should blog about why I support the idea of Brexit (but not for the reasons given in that campaign of factoids). Politics though - yuk. Alternative facts - double yuk.

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