Monday, 13 February 2017

It's been another week.

Weekend before last we went away for Chris's birthday, but apart from that life has continued in it's stumbly nominal fashion. The lurgy has taken its toll, and I've not felt like writing anything, discussing, arguing, or anything really.

It was a nice weekend though, and we've both decided we'd like to retire and live there immediately. :p  It was also really good to see our friends Sue & Ian again, and to see where they live now.

Here's a couple of pics to 'prove' we were there.

There's more in the Devon Flickr album.

Saturday just gone we went for a stumble round Blenheim in the sleety-snow & mud. It was a down day after a previously good Friday, and I could barely keep up with my wife, while coughing and walking simultaneously. The cascades looked 'enthusiastic' from rain water.

The other thing I find myself doing at the moment is wanting to check the news, almost hourly, to find out whether America has imploded yet. I have the same set of feelings as when 9/11 happened, the same sense of irrevocable change for the world unfolding, except that this time it's in secret, mostly, and self-inflicted.

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