Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New year, new flavour

Of Linux, that is.

Just trying Solus Linux, and so far it looks pretty nice in a slightly retro-gnome-ish kind of way. Mostly it's been very, very easy to use, pre-installed audio & video codecs, immediate networking, simple to update and add new software.

Hiccups? I've not managed to add the Samsung printer yet - that usually installs right along with the rest of the system software, but setup won't let me do anything. I also had to do the same as with Mint regarding audio, since both distros use Alsamixer, and switch the audio output in the command line mixer console to change from front to rear audio output.

Otherwise it seems reasonably quick, and is certainly nice to use in a way that most gnome-based distros aren't. If it had a dock then I'd think it an Apple imitator.

To think it is to add it: Cairo Dock is now added, though a little dark & flat for Apple. I could have a lot of fun with this one, but I need to go to bed.

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