Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I have no clue what you're talking about.

I just had an email from with the strapline 'Rock and roll with the toxic avenger'. I'm sorry, but although I recognise every word in that sentence, you're clearly talking nonsense.

In a workplace populated by an array of different nationalities, someone put up a printed page in a public place comparing what the British say, what they meant and what a non-Brit might think they meant, and example of which may be found here.

The poster, a friend in the workplace who has travelled widely, worked abroad and is of european extraction made the comment that this was unique to the British. I had to point out that in Austria and Germany, if a waiter asks if you would like to order and you reply 'thank you' then they will walk away because that is assumed to mean NO thank you, rather than an affirmative. People are just odd, really.


  1. The Toxic Avenger was a classic of the video rental horror movie section in my late teens. The film is every bit as awful as at the title suggests, and I wouldn't recommend seeking it out, but I imagine it would still have resonance for some people who grew up in the VHS era.

  2. Thanks Fern - should have known it would be something like that - and I'll take your advice to avoid :-)


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