Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Doesn't time start passing rapidly as you age?

Nearly 2 weeks have gone since my last blog post - so what's happening?

Well, as of the weekend, I have a cold - drippy nose, aches and pains, not sleeping well. Same as it ever was.

I'm still getting stirred about needing to show grace to people, making a positive difference to them.

Still getting stirred about the need for the church to be reaching out, but not evangelising (shudder at that word).

Becoming aware that with increased affluence comes increased responsibility: I have a decent income for the first time in more than 6 years, and it's odd to be able to just buy things if they would be useful once again. But 'buying stuff' needs to not happen because we have a house full of stuff, & we all know what happens when you tear down barns to build bigger (just mis-speled that bugger!) ones. ;)

We're replacing the old Peugeot 307 shortly, and I'm quite looking forward to something different arriving.

Ben managed to drown his phone while wake-boarding in Turkey, so I've picked him up an 8 month old Nokia 1020 32Gb with camera grip-case. It's ideal because he wanted a decent camera in his phone, and this is near the pinnacle of phone cam development with a 41MP sensor that uses those extra pixels to reduce noise. I think it will do well for him, but what surprised me was how nice it was to use, really quick, fluid and responsive, and with a great screen too. And surfing was really slick, unlike the laggy, awkward experience that Android provides normally. I could become a winpho convert.

Looking forward to Transform 2015 next week, though I have some misgivings, not least of which is that OCC and Salt & Light generally have become another 'nice' evangelical movement with a history of some amazing men of God who planted the thing originally. I hope I'm wrong, because this country doesn't need another mediocre evangelical church stream right now. And I guess a major fear is that I'm adding to that mediocrity as I'm getting older - it's almost impossible to believe the many of the traditions were once radically on fire for God.

That will do.

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