Thursday, 9 July 2015

Character is a funny thing

What to say after that??!

Very much aware that my own isn't wonderful, and glad now that I don't have responsibility for leading a church after all. 2 Peter 1 had some interesting things to say about character, and also makes me think that God was aware and warning the early church of the dark ages that were to come, when instead of being persecuted they were empowered and given authority.

A persecuted church seems to thrive and produce men & women of faith. An empowered church with political authority and legal clout seems to produce rules, fear, bitterness and anger and all the other things we get warned about.

I was also saddened recently to hear that some previous friends marriage has come apart. I don't know any real details, but it's never good when that happens, even when separation seems the least bad option.

Yup, character is a funny thing.

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