Thursday, 2 April 2015

Now here's an interesting thing - answers to prayer pt.1

Business has been lean recently, and between us we'd recognised things couldn't go on like they have before we ran out of money. So yesterday, not feeling terribly spiritual (recovering from a nasty cold, which Chris now has badly) I spent the day praying & fasting to ask what we should do for the future.

There weren't angel choirs, flashes of lightning or signs in the heavens so much as a sense of "it's up to you - what would you like to do". Chris's feeling is that for all the work we have done we've had very little back and it's just not worth it, so I've pretty much committed to finding a job for, at least, some time. And that's fine - I don't really have an interest in marketing myself as the business any more, and self-confidence levels are pretty much ground-floor now.

This morning I've had 2 offers of work, for 1 and 2 days a week. 1 was semi-expected, although so often the semi-expected offers never come off that I'd pretty much stopped expecting them to be more than wishful thinking. The other was completely unexpected, and very useful.

The grace of God at work.

Now the question is what to do with what remains of the business? I am very thankful to be in this position.

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