Friday, 18 January 2013

Good morning to a (mostly) white world.

We've had a gentle dusting of snow overnight - not like a couple of winters back, where everything went solid white and cars couldn't make it up the hill outside our house.

But yesterday was beautiful. Patchy fog, but with everything covered in hoar frost and the sun bleeding colour through in places where the mist had cleared. Across the valley was simply lovely, with light mist in places and clean white in others.

Sooooo back to work in a drab lab. All the wee samples have been processed and are now being tested. Glad I don't have to walk to work this morning.

9.55am and the snow is falling thick and fast. I have an assay running, but when that's finished, assuming I can still drive then I'll likely be leaving. Hopefully Chris won't be getting stuck either, since she's working this morning and then helping my mum this afternoon.

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