Saturday, 19 January 2013

And today I have mostly been.....

Doing sermon prep.

I should have started last night. Normally I try to write beginning a couple of weeks advance so that thoughts can form and be reconsidered, but a combination of laziness, distractions and having something on every most nights has kept me away. 

So all that snow has been overlooked. No walks were undertaken, no images captured. We did manage shopping this morning after slipping through the grey slushiness of Tesco carpark, but that's it. More and more I feel like I'm in some kind of endurance race, where one just has to keep going whatever happens. That's not necessarily a problem, but these days my life is decreasingly mine. The down side is that I'll take 'little moments' for myself that just waste time and achieve nothing useful - it's not rest, but it doesn't do anything useful either. Guess that's just 'me' coming through.

Tonight we're having dinner for family celebrating Ben's 25th birthday, and the food is now underway for that. But it's been an odd, quiet Saturday.

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