Saturday, 10 November 2012

Well that was hard work

We now have a shed that's stacked with wood.

And we now have aching hands, legs and bodies.

Hopefully it will last a fair while, since although we bought less than last year we also had it delivered 2 months later than last year.

Good tip from the delivery man, suggesting putting the load onto a tarpaulin first, so catching all the fragments instead of them getting mashed into the gravel. Chris loaded up the barrow and I stacked in the shed (stacking is like dry-stone walling, needing both careful fitting and continual reaching and lifting. This was also from a different supplier than usual, and many of the logs were too big to fit our stove, so I ended up doing a lot of splitting at the end.

I doubt I'll be up for playing guitar much for a couple of days.

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