Tuesday, 30 October 2012

OK feedback time

Assuming anyone as well as from Fern and my brother actually reads this blog. What's lousy & needs changing? Is there anything that's good enough to pursue further?


  1. Well, y'know, blogging is just something that the creative people used to do ;) At least you haven't succumbed to adverts ...

    Dunno - what was the question? Er ... yes I'm still reading, even though all the computer posts go right over my head. I like the photos :)

  2. Thank you.


    Many of the creative people I know seem to have abandoned this as an outlet, but they haven't replaced to with anything else online. There are exceptions, of course. I wonder if the internet is peaking in terms of quality usage, and is about to just become another commercial outlet instead of a virtual art gallery and library, though it will contain all those things too. Mass market tends to be lowest common denominator.

  3. Johanna5:49 am

    Looks good on my iPod.

    And I confess, I don't even read the computer posts. :-P
    (but that's fair, since I assume most people don't read my baby posts either)

  4. Thanks Johanna.

    You might be surprised about what I read but choose not to comment about. Having had children engages one rather more than that simply having had a computer. It will be fascinating to see how Norah and the other children being brought up by mums determined to do things differently develop. I seem to know a number of mothers/parents (not always both) who do not want to embrace a conventional model of parenting.


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