Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Is the number of this post.

I wonder if the blog is working again, comments available (they seemed to be for earlier posts EXCEPT the first post after I updated).

Still not been able to move time & date stamps from above to below posts, but we're getting there. All the links should be updated and working, a couple of dead/inactive links have been deleted and there's a little movement where blogs simply aren't updated much. More hacking about later to make the new format fit a bit better.

Curiously enough I was just comparing the old format in my minds eye with what I've seen of Windows 8, and reckon the simplicity of that flat layout isn't far off.


  1. I'm up to 4120, after nearly 10 years of blogging. Probably a good thing I didn't carry on at the same rate I started, really ...

  2. Hi Sarah, yes, we've all slowed down a bit - those that haven't dropped off altogether.


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